The RC Players

Who Are We?

The RC Players is a student run theatre organization that writes, directs, performs, and produces their own shows!

Our Upcoming Shows

Eleven Months of Nuclear Summer

Following six staff members navigating the joy and politics of the summer camp preseason when the nuclear apocalypse takes away everything they have, except each other. Over the course of the next year, their numbers diminish as they jockey for power, fight for love, and maintain hope for as long as they can. The lines between love, sex, and friendship blur, with platonic and romantic love playing equally vital roles. Hope and community are the throughlines that keep the show moving forward. Flawed and deeply human characters fight to make both high- and low-stakes decisions; life and death are important, but so are the group’s sexual politics and vodka supply. See it on March 15th and 16th at 8pm in the Keene Theater!

Content Warnings: Show contains dark themes, including death, bombing (heavily mentioned but not portrayed), and violence.

Community Garden

Uptown, Chicago, newbie Ralph doesn’t quite know what to expect during his first volunteer shift at Uptown City Gardens. It’s certainly not the vibrant, bustling community that passes through the green space, checking on their plants, composting their food scraps, meeting up with friends, and—surprisingly often—falling in love. After a few hours, Ralph begins to understand seasoned volunteer Donald’s claim that the garden is magic. In a series of heartfelt and humorous vignettes, Community Garden digs into the ways taking care of the environment helps people take care of each other. Come see it on March 29th and 30th at 8pm in the Keene Theater!


Evening of Scenes is a series of short 10-15 minute comedy scenes written and directed by students! From homoerotic cowboy duels to secret stallion siblings, Evening of Scenes is guaranteed to make you laugh at the creativity of our student writers. 


Like every college student, the RC Players are no strangers to all-nighters. Red Eye is a comedy special where students stay up for 24 hours in order to put on a show. Between Friday and Saturday night, the students must write, produce, and perform two one-act comedy sketches. 


Every October, in the true spirit of Halloween, the RC Players put on a shadow cast of the cult classic Rocky Horror Picture Show. As the movie plays in the background, students dance along on stage to the Time Warp and audience members shout their favorite innuendos. 


East Quadrangle

701 E University Ave, Ann Arbor, MI, 48109